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I hope you have enjoyed the 14th GURS Masterclass - our 1st Virtual Conference! 

A few exiting technical glitches aside, we have survived our first Virtual conference quite well thanks to amazing technical support from Zoom and ARLO experts and my co-host and fellow Dr Anastasia Frost!
The event hosted 220 attendees from 35 countries living and working in 133 Cities of the World taking care of patients requiring GURS expertise!
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I was pleased to see that the format and content of the Program was well received. When it comes to the faculty, you agreed that the panel of Experts was absolutely outstanding. I will keep it that way!
This first Virtual GURS-Masterclass was organised independently (i.e. DIY!) and without direct industry sponsorship during the COVID-19 pandemic with all face-to-face educational meetings cancelled.
COVID-19 has brought about a transition into the virtual conference space that undoubtedly is more inclusive, but I hope that next year we will be able to meet again in person for a traditional GURS-Masterclass with LIVE-surgery, provided we can depend on your continued personal contribution in form of registration fees and secure corporate educational grants to help pay for the significant additional costs involved with a physical  - next to a virtual -  conference.
Finally, watch the space of
New projects are in the pipeline including
GURS - Radiology Team Meetings
Personal Case by Case Discussions

Hope to see you next year!

As usual
First week in November
Wednesday 3rd - Friday 5th November 2021
Daniela Andrich MD MSc FRCS
Content Creator and Organiser
GURS Masterclass
Founder of NPO auca

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