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I hope you enjoyed the 15th GURS-Masterclass 2021, our second COVID-Edition!  Lucky to get a Hybrid meeting format off the ground with an amazing panel of experts to moderate live surgery for a great interactive educational live experience for 273 registered delegates from 37 countries and 99 cities around the world!  The recorded content is now curated on our GURS-Masterclass website for post-event viewing until the next GURS-Masterclass event 2 - 4 November 2022 (see program release June 2022 at https://auca.arlo.co).

Now, just when you thought things were going well, - during the editing process we found out that the Zoom cloud recording cut out too early each afternoon! We tried to salvage the situation the best we could utilising the camera memory footage (perineal view, abdominal view) where this made sense. We are sorry for this technical glitch and hope that affected procedures may still be valuable to watch. But don’t forget, you have access to the library of previous GURS-Masterclass live surgery procedures from 2017 onwards which I hope will compensate for the loss.
Finally, please note, all delegates with access to the GURS-Masterclass website are reminded that the website content is not for re-broadcast, publication or sharing.
Please respect the very generous gift we receive from our patients permitting live-surgery transmission and recording in a controlled professional online meeting space.
Hope to see you again for the GURS-Masterclass 2022 
Wednesday – Friday, November 2-4, 2022
Daniela Andrich MD MSc FRCS
Organiser GURS-Masterclass
WhatsApp +447730886705

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